Feel Unique’s Pick ‘N’ Mix

Do you ever just stare blankly at your full makeup drawer and tell yourself that you need more? Same. However, this isn’t always possible for those of use whom are saving or are on a strict budget. Fortunately, the makeup Gods’ heard our plea and granted us with the gift of Feel Unique.

What is Feel Unique you ask? Feel Unique is a wondrous emporium of over 20,000 products from all of your favorite brands! I have always adored Feel Unique and as soon as I heard they had a new sample service I was there in a flash. This service is called Feel Unique’s “Pick ‘N’ Mix” , this allows customers to pick and choose 5 products they would like to try for FREE. Yes, you heard that right free!

Obviously, being the makeup geek that I am, I had to test it out for myself, so this is what I ordered:

One reason why I love this service is the lack of packets you get! I get sick and tired of the same standard silver packets that never let you get all the product out. In my order I got a range of pots, tubes and trays… And maybe one pesky packet.

1. Yves Saint Laurent: Forever Youth Liberator Serum.

Oh. My. Gosh. This serum is so refreshing and moistureising before bed. I love it so much. So glad I ordered this one.

2 and 3. Nude By Nature: Radiant Loose Powder Foundation and Perfecting Concealer.

At first glance I noticed that the powder foundation was DEFINITELY not my shade, and this proved to be the case when I applied it. I really hated the texture of the powder it was so dusty and chalky, on the other hand the formula for the concealer seemed to be perfected! It blended beautifully into my skin and completely concealed my dark circles with some help from my trusty beauty blender.

4. Benefit: Ka Brow!

As a loyal benefit customer I am so happy with this product. The gel applies so smoothly and easily fills, sculpts and defines my brows. It is buildable also, so you can create a range of looks with this product. I’d LOVE to try their other new brow products!

5. Prada: Candy

I’m not going to lie, I’ve tried this product many times but I love the scent so much I just had to have it again. It’s such a musky but sweet kind of scent. Hopefully I will eventually purchase the full size soon!

Overall, I am such a big fan of this new service from feel unique and I’m already so excited to make my next order! Go check it out at http://www.feelunique.com i honestly recommend it.

Much love ♡ – Ali


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