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I feel like you either love Kylie Jenner, or you hate her. Personally, I absolutely ADORE anything to do with the Kardashians’ and the Jenners’ (I mean whats not to like?). Anyways, back in late 2015 Kylie released her first brand, “Kylie Cosmetics” and announced three lip kit shades, “Candy K”, “Dolce K” and “True Brown K”. As Kylie is famous for her amazing lips you can expect that these lip kits were very difficult to get your hands on.


A few months down the line Kylie had released many more shades, such as, “Kourt K”, “KoKo K” and “Mary Jo K” and I still never thought I would have the chance or be fast enough to purchase one. However, in mid-June I was caught off-guard by a re-stock and before I knew it I had received the order confirmation that my “Candy K” lip kit was on its way. I remember freaking out to my friend over Facetime because I had finally bought one of the most sought after products in the world!


Days and days past and I would check my order status daily because I was so excited to have it in my hands. To my surprise it took the best part of two days to arrive in London, however I found myself waiting almost two weeks for it to arrive at my address after that. It turned out that it was being held in customs for that time until I paid my import tax, honestly, if I never contacted them about where my product was I probably would have never received my order. I was very angry to put it lightly. I don’t understand why this outstanding payment couldn’t be added to my total in my basket…?


When my lip kit arrived I couldn’t wait to open it, and I must say the packaging is so cute I just couldn’t get rid of it. Also, inside the box came the classic “Thank you for your purchase…” blah blah blah (I can’t deny though, the card was equally as cute as the box).

The matte liquid lipstick itself though is the most luxurious lip product I’ve ever used. The applicator is such a perfect size and the formula is unbeatable, don’t even get me started on the fragrance. IT ACTUALLY SMELLS LIKE FROSTING PEOPLE.

On the other hand, i’m not as much of a big fan of the lip liner. I wish she could have made it one of those twistable liners, however you have to sharpen it and if you’ve got a curse when you sharpen pencils etc you WILL loose a lot of product in this process. Be prepared to use a lighter, tissues, knife… . Although, the liner itself does apply smoothly it just doesn’t outweigh the sharpening process.

In conclusion, I would buy this product again, but maybe just the singles. I have to say I need “Mary Jo K” in my life and maybe “Ginger” too… and maybe “Heir” or the glos-. I recommend it though if you’ve got the funds for it. I ended up paying a total of £42 for mine, which I know is pretty awful, but if you’re as obsessed with Kylie like me, then its a must buy.


Much Love ♡  -Ali


15 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics

  1. I think the packaging looks amazing and the colors are also great but personally i think that the price is way too high. Colourpop produces almost the same colors and it’s so much cheaper 🙂
    Still I really liked your post and the photos!
    If you like check out my blog and maybe also give it a follow 😉
    xoxo Larissa

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    1. If you live in the U.K I’d say you might as well just buy 2 MAC lipsticks instead, however if you are as Kylie obsessed as some of my friends and I, I say go for it! Just be prepared for the costs to add up very quickly! Thank You for your comment! Much love ♡ – Ali

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    1. Thank you! The import tax was £12! That charge certainly didn’t make me feel better after my package was held for 2 weeks without notice! Thanks for taking your time to read my post! Much love ♡ -Ali


  2. The colours are gorgeous! I really wanted to try them out but then for the price point and also the fact that they are formulated in the same lab than Colourpop I just went for CP lippies instead. They are amazing and have very similar colours for 1/3 of Kylie’s price!

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