Whats In My Bag?

Believe it or not, I’d like to claim that I’m quite tidy and organised when it comes to my handbags. Although, yes, sometimes it can seem like a piñata filled with loose change, crumbled mints and unknown receipts. For today’s post I thought I’d discard these bits and show you all the main things that I always have in my bag. I am aware that this is another classic blog post that has been “milked” the hell out of, but I secretly love these posts – I mean, we’re all nosey sometimes!

Coach Bag:

Starting with the bag, I absolutely love love love this bag. It’s my go-to and I take it everywhere with me. I’ve had it for almost a year now and it still looks as beautiful as it did when I saw it perched on the shelf. It’s that perfect “Inbetweeny” (I think I just invented a new word) size; it’s not too big, not too small, so I can fit all of my essentials and a few extra bits inside. I am obsessed with the shoulder strap on this bag also because my main pet peeve with cute handbags is that some are not practical at all! I mean personally I’d rather not have some handbag on my inner elbow for hours while it slowly turns my arm blue from the lack of circulation. Oh! I almost forgot! I also have a super cute “piña colada” scented hand sanitizer hanging on my bag from Bath and Bodyworks. Can they send me 200 of these?


I can’t imagine lasting 10 minutes without my phone! My phone case is from Jack Wills at the moment, however by the time you’re reading this I probably will have changed my case many times (I have an actual problem with buying cases).

Topshop Sunglasses:

I’ve had these sunglasses for way too long now but I love them too much to switch them out. Their style just screams “demanding diva” to me and I love huge sunglasses that match anything and everything.


Jack Wills Ticket Holder(thingy)

This is so unnecessary but it’s a way that helps me not “misplace” a very important train ticket or similar. Also, it’s super cute and it matches my phone case, so it’s a win win!


Victoria’s Secret Mini Fragrances

Like I said in my “July Favourites” post I love how you can just pop one of these in your bag. You can also buy the full sized bottles, but I just love the practicality of these minis. In the set you get six, so I always find myself picking and choosing the fragrance that fits with my day or outfit best.

L’occitane Rose Lip Balm

Since I was young I’ve been addicted to lip balm, and my favourite kind was always the liquid style balms. This one is so moisturising and it smells gorgeous.


Rimmel London Lipstick 08

I always enjoy rosy nude lipsticks, and this one takes the prize. It’s so creamy and light, however still beautifully pigmented. I can’t get enough (maybe that’s why I’m left with a disappointing stub of lipstick!)


 You don’t expect me to go anywhere without buying anything do you? – reason 83# to why I’m broke. 

Marc Jacobs Mirror

My main babe Amy gave this to me and it is much appreciated because I can’t leave the house without a decent mirror. I have to be able to check my makeup or hair every couple of hours, so this is so important.


Tangle Teezer

Not much needs to be said about this other than it is my all-time favourite hairbrush in the world. If you’ve never tried one, go and get one it will change your life.

Portable Charger

I’m always updating my Snapchat story when I’m out, so I find that my battery is drained faster than my emotions in exam week. This charger is so handy, especially when I’m out from 9 till 5 (what a way to make a livin’).



Nothing fancy here, just the bog standard Apple headphones. Love them. Like them. They work.


Thanks for reading! I’ve been so happy with all of the feedback and likes I’ve been getting lately (I appreciate everyone that I get), so thank you! It’s honestly so nice to see that all of you are enjoying my posts. If you ever have a suggestion for a post you would like to see from me, just drop me a comment. What are your essentials in your handbag? I’d love to know! Much Love ♡ – Ali


15 thoughts on “Whats In My Bag?

  1. I love this! Pretty sure I am going to be buying myself a hanging hand sanitiser from bath and body works now, even if the delivery charge is astronomical for one item! Always such hassle to get it out of your handbag isn’t it? And I also, love the idea of the luggage tag, I am useless as keeping hold of things that are important – however, old receipts I seem to hoard! Loved reading this! Holly x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice bag 🙂 I am not that tidy when it comes to my handbag, unfortunately. I always start with a clean one but at the end of the day there are always receipts and other useless things in my bag xD Loved the stuff you carry with you

    Liked by 1 person

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