Morphe 706 Brush Set 

As important as makeup brushes are, I never really prioritised good brushes over good makeup. I would rather buy a MAC concealer and blend it in with my fingers than bother to buy some decent brushes and blend it in properly. However, after a recent change of heart I’ve been so interested in different brushes and had to get some of my own to test out for myself. Previously, I’ve only tried a Beauty Blender, some Models Own brushes and a couple of Eco tools brushes, so I’m very new to all this really. Instead of purchasing lots of high end brushes individually, I settled on the Morphe 706 brush set, which contains 12 brushes. I’ve heard a lot of You Tubers rave about the Morphe palettes and brushes so I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are dirt cheap!

The Morphe 706 brush set comes in a sleek black and white (faux leather) striped case so you can easily travel with them. The brushes included are:

  • Pointed Liner Brush

This brush can also be used for lipstick application and small detailing. In my opinion, it’s more of a multitasking brush. This brush isn’t really one I’d use on a daily basis, but it is very soft and feels like it’s of high quality.


  • Angle Liner Brush

Let’s just beat around the bush here; this is an angled eyebrow brush. I always use these, so it is so important for it to be dense (but not too dense so it punches holes in my brow powder) and thin. Personally, it’s not my favourite eyebrow brush because it doesn’t really pick up much product, but otherwise it’s useable, but I always find myself going back to my Models Own brush.


  • Concealer Brush

Pretty standard concealer brush. It works.


  • Pencil Brush

Maybe it would help if I actually knew which brush this is! This is much too complex for me…


  • Tapered Blender Brush

This blending brush is too good. You barely have to move the brush and it blends your eyeshadow flawlessly. Id honestly just buy this set exclusively for this brush I love it so much.


  • Round Blender Brush

Equally as amazing as the “Tapered Blender Brush”, however I use this one for my highlight. It picks up the perfect amount of product in one swipe and it’s so soft on the skin. Considering my last brush I used for highlight was legitimately a PAINTBRUSH… this is very very good!


  • Angle Blush/Contour Brush

I’m no good at doing any sort of contouring so I don’t really use this brush for that purpose. Often, I use this for blusher and it is so amazing. It’s so easy to blend your blush in with this brush and it gives it a natural finish.


  • Foundation Brush

I’m not really a fan of applying foundation with a brush because I think it makes it look really streaky, so I was surprised that this brush was very good at blending light amounts of foundation flawlessly into the skin.


  • Bronzer Brush

As I mentioned previously I’m actually awful at bronzer and contouring, but I had a go with this brush and it didn’t look as bad as it normally does. Progress?


  • Duo Foundation Brush

A what?


  • Powder Brush

It’s a bit too small for my face so it takes a rather long time to dust it on. It’s also very dense so I find it quite hard to put a light coat of powder on.


Overall, I highly recommend this set for beginners’ and professionals’ alike because there is such a range of brushes. These brushes also only robbed me of £19.75 (with free delivery?!) from Compared to some brush sets from Zoeva and Sephora this is a bargain.

The quality is stupidly good for the price you’re paying per brush (around £1.60!). Each brush is a regular size and the handles are a pearly white with the Morphe logo printed on them. Every one of them are soft and gentle on the skin and the eye brushes thankfully do not scratch out your eyes.

If you are currently building your makeup and makeup brush collection I highly recommend this brush set. Affordable and decent quality, what more could you ask for?!


Much Love ♡ – Ali


6 thoughts on “Morphe 706 Brush Set 

      1. Omg that’s crazy!! haha, I never know who’s subscribed and who isn’t it’s so annoying – but thank you so much!! Was so nervous uploading a makeup look – what did you think? xo

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      2. I died when you were doing your eyeliner and you said “I think.. they’re alright” like are you kidding that was the sharpest winged liner i’d ever seen haha! Im obsessed with the red lip too omg. Anyways I loved it! considering you were nervous you killed it omg. Plz do my makeup someday hahaha! xx

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      3. Omg haha thank you! I didn’t wanna be like YES I NAILED IT incase other amazing beauty gurus were like bitch pls. Thanks so much!! I would love to.. I was about to say have a go on your face but, that’s just wrong ok no I’m leaving *leaves*

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