Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash

As I am an avid Benefit fan I always expect the best from their products, purely because I think everything they have is such good quality and works as they say they do (some of my favourites being Sugarbomb, Boing Concealer and Roller Lash). Yes, their products are sometimes quite pricey but the formulas’ of every single product are just bomb.

After a new fix of Roller Lash, I went into Boots and headed straight for the Benefit counter. However, on the way there I spotted a stand filled with their deluxe mini products (like the ones you find in their gift sets). It was filled to the brim with High Beams’, Benetints’ and Bad Gal Lashes’. I’ve never really heard much about Bad Gal Lash so I decided to try it out for myself.

Almost as soon as I got home I took off my mascara and broke open the new one. At a first glance, I noticed the size of the wand… it’s huge! It also didn’t really have anything special about it; it literally looked like you could have picked up a mascara with a similar brush at a Poundland. Initially, it wasn’t a great start.

Moving on to the actual application, I noticed that with one coat it honestly looked like nothing. Normally, I do apply two coats of mascara, but come on Benefit, after one coat my lashes appeared the same as when I started (maybe they should have named it “Sad Gal Lash”)! Also, because of the size of the wand, you can kiss your eyeshadow goodbye because one wrong move will ruin it. It’s so hard to get into the inner corner of the eye without looking like you’ve been punched in the face!

Comparing this wand to Roller Lash and They’re Real it’s huge and doesn’t have anything groundbreaking about it. For example, Roller Lash has tiny hooks that curl your lashes (hence the name) and They’re Real has bristles that make sure your lashes don’t clump together, so it keeps your lashes voluminous.

Overall, I’m just a bit disappointed with this mascara. I expected so much better from Benefit because most of their products have worked wondrously for me! I’m so glad I only bought the mini size, as I would never ever buy this again let alone the full size for £17.50! On the other hand, if you are looking for a good mascara that does what it says it will do, I recommend Roller Lash. It lasted me for such a long time and it holds all day. Its curved wand also makes it so easy to get the bottom lashes too! If you’re interested I’ll link it here >

Thanks for reading! Much Love ♡ – Ali


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