2017 Planner

Firstly, yes, I know it has been a month and I am as equally as annoyed as you reading this. I have recently started the sixth form at a brand new school (which has already had its ups and downs!) and I’ve been so incredibly busy! So, I hope to stay fairly consistent with my posts but I can’t really promise anything at the moment, as A-Levels are already getting the better of me. I hope you all understand and stick around!

New school year, new me… is that even a thing? Or in my case, new school new me! This school term I have pledged to be at least a little more organised than I have been in previous years. No more last minute homework tasks or mornings when I literally have 5 minutes till I have to leave the house and I’m still in my pyjamas (I’m sure we can all relate). Therefore, I decided to get a brand new planner and after a little bit of research, I found this absolute gem of a planner. It is so cute “I can’t even”. If you ever lack the inspiration to umm… get your sh*t together, then this is the planner for you.

This planner is from the brand which, at first I’d never heard of (to me it sounded like some new indie band that I’m too old to understand) but now I think I have a budding addiction. I got the smallest planner you can get (£20), but it was surprisingly bigger than I initially anticipated. But can we please talk about how ADORABLE this pattern is on the cover. It almost reminds me of The 1975’s new t-shirts and their peony pink aesthetic. Also, on the cover is the year 2017 stamped in a gold foil and there is also shiny bits on some of the flowers.

Something that I love about this planner and had to mention was the “secret code” featured throughout it. I like how it’s a very grown-up planner, although it has its childish traits included which always makes things a bit more fun. Also, there are little compliments dotted about on the weekly view such as, “You’re better than the holidays combined.” and “Your eyelashes are super long.” Oh, stop it!

One of the best things about the entirety of this what I call “Let’s sort your life out” book is the stickers. The stickers and many elements of the planner are designed by some amazing artists with such adorable art styles which I think is such a cute touch. Another thing that I love is the little suggestions they have for things to do at the weekend like, “Draw your feelings” and “Volunteer at a soup kitchen.” yes, some are rather ridiculous but if you ever have nothing to do, I think they have some great ideas and they’re all themed around the months of the year!

Overall, I think this planner is the key to keeping myself organised this year and I think they are worth the price tag.

I hope you all have had a good summer and thank you all so much for your lovely comments lately! Much Love ♡ – Ali


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